What’s In A Name?

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June 21, 2016

Sometimes, people ask us why we named our business: “Context Financial.”

We tell them our name means a lot to us. We chose it because it encapsulates our approach to our business. We are intensely interested in the full context of our clients’ lives. We believe that in order to help clients achieve their goals, we must first come to understand the way they define those goals and what that may mean in terms of concrete plans and actions.

As financial consultants we have command of a wide range of financial tools that can achieve long-term success, but before we can suggest any specific tools (some of which are pretty complicated), we must first have a firm grasp of what is important to our clients.

In other words, life planning comes before financial planning.

If we are able to achieve this sequence in dealing with our clients, then the details of which financial planning tools are usually clear. Once we understand the context of your life, we can lay out a plan that will go to the heart of achieving your dreams.

We’re not naive. We know that anyone can claim to care about the context of your life. To some people, this may sound like no more than a cynical slogan to get your attention.

But spend a half-hour with us and you will discover we mean what we say: your life goals and concerns come first with us—financial tools come into the picture only when we understand who you are and the life you hope to live with your money.

We will look to the context of your life to reveal the proper specifics of a financial plan.

This approach can’t be duplicated by some software package or the latest app for your mobile device.         You need a face-to-face relationship with a warm human being who is attuned to hear your most important hopes and goals and who has the knowledge and experience help you to make those hopes and goals come true.

We are certified and experienced experts in planning financial futures. There are many, many financial tools to choose from, and only careful analysis and selection will select the right tools for the context of your life.

Give as call or e-mail and ask that we get together to begin to reach your goals.

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