The Most Important Question in the Financial Life Planning Process

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April 7, 2020

I started working in this business in 2006. One of the first lessons I got from my Father and business partner was this “Our clients have two questions; the first is am I ok, the second is where are we going to lunch?” While I might argue for a more sophisticated wording, this has proven very consistent. Our clients want to know if their plan is still on track, and then they are ready to talk about something else.

In this current world of 5:00 beers with Governor Beshear, let’s not forget to look at your plans. We can go anywhere to hear about “the market.” Let’s talk about your goals, your dreams. That’s much more important to your short term mental health and your long term financial life once this current upheaval slows down.

Send me an email, pick up the phone. I’m happy to take a new look at the current plan, and suggest any adjustments. My guess is there will be some adjustments you would like to make. Let’s talk about it.

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