What’s Your Number

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April 14, 2017

These days, “what’s your number” isn’t just a pick-up line as it is a question that keeps you up at night.

How much should I save to pay for my kid’s college?  When can I retire?  What if I retire today?  What if I quit/get laid off today?  Am I spending too much now that I am retired?  What does it cost me when I retire to go on that cruise now in terms of reduced future income?  How much will it affect my monthly income if the markets drops 10 percent? 

Since the answer to that sort of question might generate a number that is uncomfortable, too many of us avoid the question altogether.

But knowledge is power. It puts you back in control.

At Context Financial, we believe it is far better to know the number because it is usually nowhere near as unpleasant as what you imagine it to be. Planning and preparation begin with knowledge and end in a better night’s sleep. 

As these numbers alter with changes in your life – those of your choosing and those that happen to you, it is good to identify them. Often we can help you navigate changes and achieve your dreams and goals at the same time.

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