The Blissful Life

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June 21, 2016

No two people would define a blissful life in the same way.  The personal definition is created by life experiences, imagination, challenges, fears, dreams and values.  We have created our practice to help our clients to live just such a life.  No small task.  And we recognize that we cannot create that blissful life for them, but we know we can help.

One element is to identify, as well as possible, your current definition of blissful.  That started the day you were born, and will evolve into the future as well.  Its content is mostly emotional and usually requires a lot of effort and searching.  If a couple is involved, it means meshing two definitions and requires a lot of love and trust.  And it needs to be refreshed from time to time.

Another element is designing a plan to fund all this bliss, whether for tomorrow or decades from now.  A part of this process is identifying the source of passion available today to motivate the funding decisions.  Most often, it means balancing the requirements to fund a desirable today and, at the same time, the same for tomorrow.  A successful design must do both or it has little chance for success.

Given these two elements, designing and allocating an individual, appropriate investment program can be initiated.  Attention must be paid to many kinds of risk, the multiple elements of expense and the appropriate level of expected return.  None of those elements are easily identified and integrated.

And, the challenges which threaten the design need to be identified and met intentionally.  There are going to be threats and usually there are ways to minimize them.  These challenges evolve over time, so the plan must do the same. If the threats can be diminished, their power over today’s bliss will be greatly reduced. 

A final thought-  “Blissful” is not the perfect word to describe the ideal we are seeking.  But we cannot come up with the right descriptive word.  We tried “contented,” “peaceful”, “happy”, and a bunch of others, but none were just right.  Help us out, please!  What is the best word to describe the life you desire?  Email us.

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