Ten Ways to Run Out of Money Part 8

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August 6, 2020

Best way to run out of money in retirement is to get sick, physically or mentally.

According to Time Magazine, the top 3 ways to stave off dementia in retirement are:

  1.  Always be learning
  2.  Always be fit
  3.  Always be with friends

I have a second workshop that may become another blog series talking about how to keep your brain active. It’s fascinating stuff.

We talk to lots of people about what they want to do with their lives. When we start talking, the conversation centers around a mythical land called “retirement.” I think our role is best centered on how to live a life you love now. You will never be this young again, and you probably won’t be this healthy. If there is a thing, a place an experience you want to have, let’s fit it into the plan. Waiting for “retirement” isn’t always the way.

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