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April 14, 2020

I spent some time this morning helping a client get some money out of one of his investments. The virus has made a mess of his business for at least the first half of 2020. He came in this morning to sign some paperwork, because as you know, there is always paperwork in this business. We were talking about the benefit of “having a plan.” We had discussed where the money should come from among his options.

I was talking to another planner about how to help our clients in the current environment. His advice was to “empathize and give them something to do.” The presence of a task helps our brain deal with stress. So, here is the task for this week. Estimate how many months of income you have in cash or cash like accounts. If you are uncomfortable with the number you get, and would like to talk about where the next chunk of cash might come from, let’s talk.

We very well may not need to put the plan into effect, but it might help to have the plan in place before you need it. 

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  1. David A Shepard says:

    That guy you were talking to MUST have been pretty smart. I know I would like him if we met!!